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How do you do? I'm happy you're here!

My name is Kelly I'm passionate about the creative arts, vintage style, and helping you embrace your inner glamour. Some of my earliest memories are of watching I Love Lucy with my Grandma and I discovered a love for acting, drawing, and photography at an early age.  

I'm a professional photographer and vintage content creator. I've always been fascinated and inspired by Old Hollywood and the glamour of the past, and that's definitely reflected in my work.  Palm Springs is my muse, with all its retro charm and mid-century architecture.  I am inspired by the fashions of bygone eras and look to vintage imagery for my inspiration. If you're into old Hollywood, Palm Springs, and vintage fashion, then we're definitely on the same page!

I'm here to help you add vintage aesthetics into your life and encourage you to embrace your confidence and add a touch of vintage glamour to your everyday - especially if it's something you want to do but have been holding yourself back from!  We only live once and we must not allow fear to stop us from embracing the styles that bring us joy! 


Let's bring a touch of Old Hollywood glamour back together!


- Kelly

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