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Gift Guide for the OLD HOLLYWOOD Enthusiast in Your Life!

The Holidays are upon us and that means we have visions of gift-giving ideas swirling in our heads. Well...maybe some of us do, but if you're like me you may be finding yourself in a tunnel of indecision and spending way too much time thinking about the perfect thing to buy for the special people in your life.

But Fear not, your friendly neighborhood Old Hollywood lover is here to help you! If you happen to have an Old Hollywood enthusiast on your holiday list, consider the search officially over. I've curated a list of gems that either adorn my own vintage-loving heart or have secured a top spot on my wish list this season. So, dive into this curated collection, let the ideas swirl, and rest assured, your gift recipient is in for a dose of Old Hollywood magic they won't soon forget! 🌟🎁



Raise your glass to the undeniable allure of glassware— a surefire triumph for Old Hollywood enthusiasts! Let's face it, the cinematic experience wouldn't be complete without that quintessential cocktail in hand. Even if your giftee isn't one to indulge, they can elevate their movie nights with the option to savor their favorite non-alcoholic beverage in Old Hollywood style! 🍸✨

A couple I love! First are these long-stem coupe glasses called The Hepburn Coupe and yes they are inspired (by my personal favorite) Audrey Hepburn. I own two and they are so elegant and snazzy! If you want to support local may I introduce you to my favorite local San Diego cocktail purveyor Collins and Couple. Bonus they also have a treasure trove of vintage glassware which is sure to make any Old Hollywood lovers heart sing!

Or perhaps a movie-themed glass is what wets your whistle! In that case check out History Company

and their Casablanca Rick's Cafe set of 2 coupe glasses (yes we're still talking coupes BUT they have many types of glassware reproductions inspired by other films, hotels and old nightclubs!

The set includes 2 glasses, that are identical the ones Humphrey Bogart as Rick in the film drinks from himself, as well as a gift box and coasters from "Rick's Cafe Americain"


You can't go wrong with an Old Hollywood-inspired coffee table book for your gift recipient! 🌟 The abundance of choices ensures you'll find the perfect fit for your recipient. Below is a curated list featuring ones I personally own or have on my wishlist – a surefire way to add a touch of vintage glamour to any coffee table!

"Marilyn & The Camera"

This book is STUNNING! I found it in perfect condition at an estate sale and had never heard of it before. The outside is metallic which lends itself to a really neat effect. I also love there is no text on the front cover which makes it really simple and a gorgeous coffee table book. The inside is laid out just as cleanly which gives it more of an art book fool than a traditional celebrity photographs book.

"Marilyn & The Camera" I only found this book used and prices varied from $25-$40

I love this Book, it's about Audrey Hepburn in the 1950s and there's also a 1960s version (which I of course have too!) Packed with stunning photos of our timeless icon, this gem isn't just a book; it's a perfect addition to any coffee table, especially for that Audrey enthusiast in your life. Because who wouldn't want a daily dose of Audrey's elegance and grace?

For enthusiasts at the confluence of cocktail culture and film noir appreciation, this book offers a curated experience. Enriched with exquisite film noir art and stills, it seamlessly integrates the cinematic world with mixology. Each page meticulously aligns film noir classics with carefully crafted cocktails—either directly inspired by the film's narrative or reflective of libations enjoyed within the cinematic realm. Complementing this, the book provides insight to each film, allowing readers to learn while they sip!

Presenting the quintessential Old Hollywood coffee table book, adorned with exquisite Kodachrome professional studio portraits capturing the luminaries of Hollywood's golden era. A testament to vintage glamour, this meticulously curated collection guarantees to resonate with the discerning tastes of any Old Hollywood enthusiast in your circle.

A few honorable mentions -


For those who adore the timeless allure of Old Hollywood and revel in the artistry of makeup, look no further than Besame! 🌟 This brand seamlessly weaves the magic of the golden era into its entire line, meticulously crafting products that pay homage to the glamour of Old Hollywood. Each lipstick, a work of precision, is studied with utmost care to recreate hues inspired by iconic figures. They have shades like Red Hot Red, a tribute to Marilyn Monroe's favorite (and now mine as well), or Mary's Red, reminiscent of the color adorning Mary Poppins in the classic film. With my personal collection boasting numerous Besame lipsticks (and other products), I can vouch for their exceptional quality and enduring wear, particularly when it comes to the lipsticks! 💄✨

Vintage Ephemera

Vintage Fan Magazines - they're like timeless touchstones connecting us to the past. There's something about holding in your hands an authentic movie fan magazine from the Old Hollywood era, a tangible link to the time when the stars in them graced the silver screen. What makes these gems truly special is that they are written in the very era the stars lived and when their iconic films were made. Brimming with exclusive art and photographs, these magazines offer a glimpse into Old Hollywood you won't find anywhere else. I've stumbled upon mine at estate sales, but you can also find them on Ebay. They truly make for a gift like no other! Search for Photoplay, Modern Screen, Motion Picture

Help your gift recipient elevate their living space with a touch of Old Hollywood glamour to truly express their love for the golden age of cinema! The Old Hollywood enthusiast in your life will undoubtedly appreciate the charm that comes with adorning their walls with iconic imagery. Personally, I've got my eye on this Rar pack shot for my own wishlist, but a quick search using your recipient's favorite star's name on platforms like Etsy or can yield fantastic results. Opt for more candid shots to add a unique and personal touch that sets your decor apart from the rest.

May these suggestions light the spark of inspiration for your gift-giving quest or provide the exact gem you need to joyfully cross that Old Hollywood enthusiast off your list!


***Amazon and Besame Links are affiliates, if you'd like to support the blog and what I do you are welcome to use those but by no means have to!



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