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Gift Guide for the OLD HOLLYWOOD Enthusiast in Your Life! Pt. TWO!

Back with the eagerly anticipated Part Two of my exclusive gift guide for enthusiasts of the golden era of Hollywood in your life! As the holidays draw near, the quest for the perfect present intensifies, and I'm here to make your gift-giving journey effortless. This hand-picked collection is a treasure trove of Old Hollywood + vintage-inspired gems that are sure to put a smile on your gift recipient's face. Dive into this continuation of my gift guide, where every item promises to be a cherished ode to the allure of Old Hollywood and Vintage Glamour. 🌟🎁


Old Hollywood-Inspired Original Art

Elevate your holiday gifting game with unique art inspired by Old Hollywood. There are so many amazing artists out there but here are just a couple of options perfect for the White Christmas enthusiast in your life.


Help Them Channel Their Favorite Icon

Gift the Glamour of Old Hollywood. Help your recipient channel the iconic style of their favorite star.

Help your recipient look like Jean Harlow from Dinner at Eight. You'll have them walking around their house feeling like a total Old Hollywood glamour queen in this robe inspired by the original Bomb Shell herself!

Here is another glamour robe that will have your recipient feeling like a true Old Hollywood Starlet

Help them look as sharp as the Chairman of the Board Mr. Frank Sinatra, this hat is a very close replica of the same hat Frank Sinatra wore.

Scarfs are versatile and bring so much Old Hollywood Glam to any look. And the possibilities of how your recipient chooses to style them are endless! Vera Neumann was a big name in scarf designs during Hollywood's Golden Era and could count Marilyn Monroe (wearing a Neumann scarf below) and Grace Kelly as fans. And the cool thing his her scarves are all over eBay at a range of prices! Here are some I was loving -

Or what about personal effects similar to one's the stars of the day owned? This is the exact type of lighter that Humphrey Bogart owned that was on auction at Julien's this summer, I am unsure why but it's back on auction now, so if you really want to splurge for that special someone you still can haha!

This is a similar one to Bogarts on eBay -

And this one was personally owned by Bogart and is coming to auction on 12/17/23


Life Mags

Life Magazines are such great time capsules! Not only do they have so many out there with Old Hollywood stars on the covers they also have ads that are like works of art themselves. So your person can keep them on display, or even cut out certain pages to frame!

These are some I own!

Some ads worthy of framing!

These were pages that I bought at a flea market to frame

Here are some good ones I found on eBay. Just search eBay you'll find plenty!


Old Hollywood Film Posters

Gift your classic cinema-loving friend or family member stunning Old Hollywood film posters – each one a masterpiece in its own right. Elevate their space with the timeless allure of art + cinema, and help them celebrate their favorite films in style!

Had to include this one since it's the holiday season and this is my favorite Christmas film!

I came across this site recently, they craft modern posters with a mid-century design flair – they're a stunning twist on the classic vintage look! Personally I've added them all to my wishlist. A must for anyone who loves a touch of minimal retro-chic in their decor


Sip in Style with Atomic Glassware

For your friend who enjoys partaking in a delightful libation while wanting to keep up the retro charm. I have bought multiple glasses from Atomic Glassware and have loved them all! They have many designs, all retro-inspired and all fabulous! I sometimes worry about using my vintage glassware, especially anything with paint on it but with these you don't have to worry, they're 100% food safe!


The Last Shaker They'll Need

I have tried many different cocktail shakers, and have found the ones that are the fanciest looking usually perform the worst. This has been the ONLY shaker I have owned that does not leak while shaking because it threads tightly closed!


Honorable mention for TCMs Book "Christmas in the Movies" ($24.46) You can check it out HERE - Please note this is my Amazon Storefront that is eligible for commission so feel free to use it to support the blog if you'd like!

And there you have it! Here's to crossing off that Old Hollywood enthusiast from your gift list with style and glamour! Happy gifting, and may your presents shine as bright as the silver screen!




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