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Step Back in Time: The Essentials to Host a MidCentury 1960s Retro Party!

Hey party people! If you're looking to throw a shindig that's straight out of the swinging '60s, we've got you covered. Get ready to transport your guests to a world of Sinatra, martinis, and good vibes with our nostalgic 1960s retro party setup. From Jell-o molds with a twist to a shrimp Christmas tree that's out of sight, here's everything you need for a blast from the past!

The Nifty Jello Molds

Let's kick things off with a culinary flashback – Jell-0 molds! Picture this: vibrant, wobbly concoctions filled with olives, cucumbers, and red peppers and there are even stranger things you can add if you'd like to be adventurous. I've seen ones with hot dogs, tuna, and hard-boiled eggs. These funky molds not only look retro but also bring a playful twist to your party menu. Trust us; your guests will notbe able to stop talking about this blast from the past.

Bunch Bowl Bliss from 1963

What's a '60s party without a classic punch bowl? We've dug up a timeless recipe from Life Magazine 1963 that will have your guests asking where you got the recipe. Mix up a retro punch with a blend of fruit juice, ginger soda, and lemon juice. Your bunch bowl will be the talk of the town – or at least your neighborhood.

-Holiday Punch as according to Smirnoff in 1963-- 6 Ounces of Lemon Juice 2- 6oz cans of frozen orange juice 1 fifth Smirnoff Vodka 1-quart club soda 1 1/2 quart ginger ale Pour ingredients in a punch bowl with chinks of ice. Garnish with Fruit. 4 servings, 3 oz. each

Shrimp Christmas Tree Extravaganza

Move over traditional Christmas trees – it's time for a shrimp Christmas tree! Picture a dazzling centerpiece adorned with plump shrimp, cocktail sauce and topped with a bow or star. This show-stopping dish not only captures the holiday spirit but also pays homage to the kitschy culinary trends of the '60s. Your guests won't be able to resist snapping pics for the 'gram with this edible masterpiece.

Add in some cheese cubes with fancy cocktail toothpicks, a cheese ball, tea sandwiches and some shrimp cocktails and you'll party set-up will have all your guests feeling like they just traveled through time!



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